‘Quality Cutting Tools Delivered Fast!’


Providing the fastest possible delivery

We take seriously the need for the very fast delivery of quality cutting tools within the manufacturing industry. To accomodate for this we have structured our entire production strategy around providing these very short lead times, so you can expect those urgently needed cutters on your machine within a few days if not hours!

The latest CNC technology

Advancements in CNC technology has greatly enhanced the range of bespoke carbide tooling that can be produced in terms of accuracy, complexity and speed of production. We are constantly looking forwards to invest in the latest of this technology, so that we can continue to supply the quality tooling that we have become known to provide.

A widespread reputation

Samwell Tooling has been operating for many years. Originally covering Poole and it’s surrounding areas, over the years our reputation for quality and reliablitiy has spread and we now have customers all over the UK and Europe, many of whom have been with us since we started!

All of your cutter grinding needs

As well as our specialised bespoke carbide tooling we also have our regrinding service which has gone from strength to strength since our opening over 30 years ago. It is also worth browsing the wide range of stocked tooling found on the ‘New Tooling’ page.

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