The Regrinding Service

Samwell Tooling has been providing a fast, reliable regrinding service for over 30 years. Often you don’t need to buy brand new tools when it’s just as effective to get them reground. All the original geometries can be maintaned with the highest CNC accuracy, not unusually improving the original quality of the tool. If there is still life in your old cutters we will refurbish them back to their cutting potential.
Important: All cutters that we recieve for a standard reburbish may have the ends, flutes and/or sides reground. If for any reason you need to maintain a certain length or diamter please mark it clearly and keep those tools seperate from the rest of your order.
For customers in our local area we provide a collection and delivery service. Once a week we will come in and collect your worn cutters and then return the newly refurbished ones the following week.
If you are local and would like to apply for this service please get in contact with us. If we are not able to provide this service in your area, you can still send your tools in by post and we will get them back to you within 5 days of us receiving them.

Have you considered Coating your Cutters?

All cutters and components you send in can be coated to substantially improve their efficiency and durability. To find out more about the different types of coating we provide and their advantages please click here

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