The Bespoke Service

The manufacture of custom designed carbide cutting tools for your every specification is what we do best at Samwell Tooling. Often there are certain forms that need to be made which standard off-the-shelf cutters cannot cope with and this is usually combined with the pressure of little to no time to get one. This is where Samwell Tooling comes into it’s own. We take particular pride in our ability to supply you with right tool as soon as possible. From the minute we receive your design you can expect to get the cutter within a few days if not hours.

Submit your quotation by clicking on the link below. Please provide as much information as you can with any appropriate drawings that you may have. We will recieve it almost instantly and be in contact with you ASAP.

Bespoke Quotation Form
Bespoke 01

Fast and Accurate Design

With the latest cyber grinding packages we can soon see if your tool is possible to make and whether it will actually work!

Bespoke 02

5 Axis, Helitronic Vision CNC Machinery

Our Investment into the latest, state of the art machinery means that we guarantee that Samwell quality


It’ll be on your machine before you know it!

Our entire company is designed to work in the most efficient way. This is how we maintain our extremely fast delivery times, so you’re not left waiting around.

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