Samwell Tooling Limited, herein after referred to as ‘The Company’.

1. Payment Terms. Payments are strictly net and are due at the end of the month, that is the following month of the invoice date.

2. Prices. The prices contained in the price list, brochure or any other documents published by the company are based on a five working day turnaround. Faster deliveries are avaliable and maybe subject to a surcharge. All prices are subject to VAT at the current rate.

3. Quotations. All quotations given are valid for 30 days from the date of the quote only.

4. The Company’s Liability. Goods furnished shall be limited to the purchase price of the good, in respect of which damages are claimed.

5. Delivery Charges. Weekly deliveries made within the areas that the company considers it’s local delivery route are usually free of charge. For extra deliveries made outside of these areas, a charge may be made at the company’s discretion. There will be a charge for all postal deliveries.

6. Delivery of New or Modified Tooling. To be agreed at the time of order.

The Regrinding Services

7. Delivery of Regrinds. Unless otherwise agreed with the buyer, the company’s deliveries will be made either one week from receipt of the goods or on the delivery day designated for that area, whichever is later.

7b. Coating. All Cutters that have been sent to coating will take, at least, an additional five working days.

8. Returning Cutters. The company reserves the right to return cutters that it considers to be beyond a normal regrind. If the said cutters are then to be ground, any prices previously published by the company will not apply. The fee will be determined by the time taken to make good the said cutters.

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