Coating by Oerlikon Balzers


Coating is Worthwhile

Recoating of resharpened cutting tools ensures high productivity of the coated tools. Only recoated tools make is possible to achieve similar tool lives with identical cutting parameters.

Productivity gains

Coated cutting tools can be used with substantially higher cutting parameters than uncoated ones. This reduces machining times and thus cutting costs. Longer tool life means fewer tool replacements which therefore reduces setup costs.

Difficult to cut materials

Titanium and nickel alloys as well as high-alloy steels are notoriously difficult to cut. Coating with a low coefficient of friction and a low tendancy of adhesion to the substrates make it easier to machine such substrates.

Hard machining

Hard and wear-resistant coating makes it possible to machine tempered substrates of up to 70 HRC. Tools with defined cutting edges allow for the finishing of hard work-pieces, thus eliminating the need for grinding.

HSC and dry machining

High speed cutting and dry machining generates considerable heat. Thanks to the thermal stability, hot hardness and the oxidation resistance of the coating, the heat is dissipated via the chip.

The Coatings we provide

Coating 01
A TiN Standard coating with a broad application range
Coating 01
Alcrona Pro AlCrN – based
  • Very high abrasion resistance
  • High and constant temperature resistance
  • Unrivalled oxidation resistance
  • Titanium free coating
Coating 01
B TiCN High hardness.
Coating 01
Latuma AlTiN basedVersatile coating with balanced hardness and stresslevel, high oxidation resistance and hot hardness
Coating 01
Hardlube TiAIN + WC/CHardness and thermal stability (TiAlN), combining with sliding and lubrication


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